The Mortality Sequence

Yesterday it was the fourth anniversary of Richard Wright’s departure. He wasn’t the superstar in Pink Floyd. His ego wasn’t fighting wars instead of making music. He was quiet. He was simple. He was the glue that sticked together the mesmerizing sound of Pink Floyd.



Rick never cared for the Waters and Gilmour fight and he was probably that war’s biggest casualty. His solo work might not be the best but his compositions with Pink Floyd were nothing less than amazing. The atmospheric sound emerging from his keyboards along with his gentle and mellow voice could be seen at their best in the epic version of Echoes from Pompeii.



Could you imagine a world without The Dark Side of The Moon? Without Wish You Were Here? I can’t. If it wasn’t for Rick, that would be a (sad) reality.



On July 2nd 2005 my heart was pumping with excitement for the (long awaited) reunion of Pink Floyd. Could it be true? Those four together again on the same stage doing what they do best? And it happened! My eyes were in tears. What was the meaning of all this? Could they set aside their petty differences and make music once more? Unfortunately it wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, Rick kept working with Gilmour and made his last appearance in Live in Gdańsk live album, recorded in the legendary Gdańsk port in Poland. Had I knew that Live 8 would be the last chance to see Pink Floyd and I would have made anything to be in front of that stage.



When I found about Rick’s death, more than sad, part of me died. You could think I’m overreacting but allow me to explain. I listen to Pink Floyd since a very young age and since I found out the band history I had a small (but strong) hope to see a Pink Floyd reunion. I guess that’s just something all true Floyd fans shared, and in September 15th 2008 that hope died along with Richard Wright. I don’t know if Pink Floyd is the best band ever, but it surely was my first love, and you know what they say about first loves…

And if Floyd is my favourite band, Richard Wright was my favourite of them. I miss you since the day you went to play The Great Gig in the Sky.


Ricardo Sá Dias

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