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On September 27, 2012
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25 of the most epic minutes you will listen to this year


photo by Evelina Hjalmarsson

I finally got my hands on the awaited EP from swedish post rock band Ef and I can say it was well worth the wait. Although it’s only 25 minutes long, they surely are 25 of the most epic minutes you will listen to this year. A very well crafted piece, the songs hold on to you and when you finally step back into consciousness, the EP is over and you’ll play it from the start, over and over again.

The album starts with the title (and in my opinion the strongest) track, Delusions of Grandeur. Opposed to many of their post rock counterparts, this song doesn’t keep building up from the start to a final explosion. It has a very strong instrumental start leading to a more intimate singing section which then builds up to an instrumental climax where a distinctive brass leads an impressive wall of sound.

Fem presents itself as a rather melancholic passage ending side A and starting side B. While not rememberable while isolated, makes a good transition between the two epic songs from the EP.

In the final track, I Never Felt This Way Before there’s a small story being narrated by one of the band members. The story’s about a group of small boys who find a severely injured foal by the river and one of them, in a mercy act, drowns the foal. While you can think the story has been told over and over, the music adds intensity and suspense throughout the track. When the music slows down, you can hear your heart pumping and then accelerating when the band builds up intensity.

All this is included in a magnificent crafted 10” clear vinyl with yellow and blue spatters. Cover art was illustrated by Staffan Larsson. The EP is limited to 500 numbered copies.

The band decided to make this record in February, while touring on Russia with The Ocean. According to them, on a bad weather day they decided to hangout with The Ocean members on backstage. After a few shots of vodka they decided to release an album through The Ocean label, Pelagic Records. God bless for that vodka!!

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