Artist of the week: Vince Staples

Artist of the week on Musikki – Vince Staples

Vince Staples is an American rapper from Long Beach, California, who started his career as a member of an obscure hip hop group (Cutthroat Boys, mind you) and with a series of mixtapes that immediately showcased a tremendous ability with words and a gravitas that were mind-blowing for such a young artist. After featuring in high-profiled singles from Earl Sweatshirt and Common, he released his first official and critically acclaimed EP titled Hell Can Wait in October 2014 under Def Jam Recordings.

Two weeks ago, Vince Staples finally released his highly anticipated debut LP Summertime ’06, an album that manages to pack twenty songs in an hour that flies by once you start listening to it. The pristine production, ingenuous phrasing and intricate beats and soundscapes make this record not only one of the best rap debuts of recent times, but the probably the only one that will be able to compete this year with Kendrick Lamar’s undisputable masterpiece.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.