Artist of the Week: Quasimoto

Artist of the Week on Musikki - Quasimoto

Artist of the Week on Musikki – Quasimoto


Quasimoto (1996) is one of the many side projects of Otis Jackson Jr. (aka Madlib, Beat Konducta, Malik Flavors, DJ Lord Such and DJ Rels, just to name a few) one the most prolific and celebrated DJ, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and producer of the last twenty years.

When The Unseen was released in 2000, it was immediately acclaimed as one of the most imaginative albums of the new West Coast underground: an helium-huffing voice rapping with twisted humor over psychedelic, dreamy and fragmented jazz loops. Due to Madlib’s hyper-filled agenda, it took him five years to release The Further Adventures of Lord Quasimoto, an even tighter and poignant impressive collection of 26 songs parodying urban life with finesse and tons of weed.

Though the new Yessir Whatever is not the long-awaited new Quasimoto album fans have been waiting for almost a decade, it’s still an impressive archive collection of singles, B-Sides and unfinished cuts that will serve as an exciting entry point to newcomers and as a hopeful sign for the fans that some new material might be coming soon enough.


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