Artist of the Week: Johnny Cash

Artist of the week on Musikki - Johnny Cash

Artist of the week on Musikki – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash (1932-2003) was one of most influential American musicians of he 20th Century. Though he was mainly a country music singer-songwriter and one of its most enduring icons, his songs embraced other genres such as rock and roll, rockabilly, folk, blues and gospel. He was also a successful actor and TV host.

Successively known for his deep baritone voice, somber look, outlaw image, tales of sorrow, moral dilemmas, mortality, addiction and redemption, Johnny Cash managed to stay active for five decades: from his 1955 Sun Records debut to his late (and Rick Rubin assisted) career rebirth on the American Recordings label, “The Man In Black” released absolute classics such as two of the most celebrated live recordings of all-time: 1968’s At Folsom Prison and 1969’s Johnny Cash at San Quentin.

The recently released Out Among the Stars is another valuable addition in Johnny Cash posthumous editions. Originally recorded and produced in the early 80s by Billy Sherrill, this lost album was discovered in 2012 by his son John Carter Cash and features some of his lighter, humored and popish songs.

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