Artist of the Week: James Blake

james blake

James Blake

James Blake is the son of James Litherland, a studio musician, guitarist and singer with strong ties to hard and progressive rock who played with guitar legends like Leo Sayer. He is one of the major promises on electronic music. Musician and composer, with only 23 years old, he merges soul with dubstep and other electronic sounds such as minimal or house music.

His auspicious start is marked by two stunning covers, Leslie Feist’s “There’s a limit to your love” (2010) from the album “The Reminder” (2007) and “Case of you” (2011) from Joni Mitchell’s album “Blue” (1971). The long awaited self-titled LP is an ambitious record; strange but bold, full of emotions, where nothing comes for granted, always in an intense search for beauty, which in any superficial listening might go completely unnoticed. Such relaxing music deserves all the quietness in the world to be better understood.

The critics were unanimous and James’ first album featured in almost every list of best albums of 2011. Given his age and judging from other experiments like, for example, his collaboration with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in “Fall Creek Boys Choir”, the best is yet to come.


Zé Manel Pinheiro

He worked in/as: roadie, record sales, record import, publishing partner, manager, concerts and festivals programmer, producer, executive producer, road and tour manager and stage manager. In conclusion, when it comes to music the only thing he has not done yet is being a musician. Something he plans to start doing in the day he turns 70!