Artist of the week: Destroyer

Artist of the week on Musikki - Destroyer

Artist of the week on Musikki – Destroyer

Destroyer is a Canadian indie rock band from Vancouver formed in 1995 by prolific Dan Bejar, one of the three songwriters (along with Carl Newman and Zumpano) responsible for the much praised indie rock supergroup The New Pornographers.

After releasing two homespun affairs, 1996’s We’ll Build Them a Golden Bridge and 1998’s City of Daughters (with John Collins), that drew immediate comparisons with David Bowie, Bejar began to release under the Destroyer moniker an impressive series of albums that gained him a growing acclamation amongst critics and peers: it’s the case of classics such as 2001’s arty Streethawk: A Seduction; 2002’s sprawling and character-based The Night; and 2006’s psyched and bluesy Destroyer’s Rubies. All these records were also noteworthy for Bejar’s rhetoric collages and cryptic lyrics that definitely contributed to make him the quintessential songwriter’s songwriter.

In 2009, Bejar took a left turn in what had been so far Destroyer‘s rather predictable musical journey: Bay of Pigs EP was his first foray into the ambient disco, a new territory that would be further explored with Tim Hecker and Loscii in 2010’s collaborative Archer on the Beach EP and in what is arguably Dan Bejar’s magnum opus: 2011’s fascinating, soulful and sophisticated Kaputt.

Five Spanish Songs, Destroyer’s new and self-explanatory EP, contains five beautifully sung and arranged covers of songs composed by Antonio Luque, the frontman of Spanish rock band Sr. Chinarro, whose verbose and enigmatic charisma proves out to be a perfect match for Bejar’s capricious muse.

João Pedro da Costa

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