Artists of the week: Band of Horses

Artists of the week on Musikki – Band of Horses

Band of Horses are an North-American indie group formed in 2004 whose current members are Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitars and keyboards), Tyler Ramsey (guitars and vocals), Bill Reynolds (bass), Ryan Monroe (keyboards) and Creighton Barrett (drums). Though only Bridwell is a founding member, all the others have been part of the band for almost a decade. The band is one of the most preeminent acts of the Americana scene, producing a mid-tempo rock with reverbed and soulful vocals, in a vein that can be placed in the intersection of My Morning Jacket (without epic leanings), Red House Painters (at their most atmospheric) and Grandaddy (minus the electronics).

After a debut, 2006’s Everything All The Time, the only record co-written by Mat Brooke who left the band right after its release, that immediately turned them into indie darlings, the band has throughout the years grown tremendously their fanbase to the point of 2010’s more country-rock orientated Infinity Arms being nominated for a Grammy for Best Alterative Album. Their last three records were both Top 20 and Top 40 in the USA and the UK, respectively.

Fans will find the long four-year hiatus that led to the new Why Are You OK a very-well employed time: this is their best record since their stellar debut, a prime collection of songs beautifully produced by Jason Lytle that showcased not only the gifts of Bridwell as a songwriter but also a band that has musically reached its peak. For newcomers, this is undoubtedly the best entry point to one of the most consistently great and overlooked American bands of the last decade.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.