Artists of the week: Foals

Artists of the week on Musikki: Foals

As English bands go, Foals are an exquisite example of the post-punk revival that has been one of the most recurrent trends of UK pop in the last three decades. They released their poppy and upbeat debut Antidotes in 2008, followed by a mellower and more refined Total Life Forever in 2010. After releasing a surprising mixtape and having some songs featured on popular TV shows from both sides of the Atlantic (Entourage and Misfits), the band returned in 2013 with its third album, the expansive, more balanced and ambitious Holy Fire.

In the wake of the international success of their previous album, Foals are now back with What Went Down, their fifth LP in seven years. The new album is definitely their most emotional affair to date, thanks to a sharping loud and danceable sound that is au pair with their traditional indie energy. Wether it catapults them to rock arenas or not, this record confirms that Foals are not only one of the most consistent British bands of the decade, but also one of the few that can nurture a significant following outside the UK.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.