Artists of the week: Beach House

Artists of the week on Musikki – Beach House

What’s in a name? In the case of Beach House, pretty much everything: its summery laziness, the languid nostalgia and the timeless wistfulness are all pretty much in the delicate instrumentation, hazy arrangements and lurid vocals of their songs. Since their eponymous debut in 2006 that Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have been able to build quite an unique catalogue in the indie landscape, featuring a lush and spacious sound that is immediately recognizable to both fans and non-enthusiasts.

Beach House are finally back with Depression Cherry, a LP that ditches the grandiose and crystalline sound of both 2010’s Teen Dream and 2012’s Bloom, and returns to the synths drones and bare bones approach of 2008’s Devotion. It’s arguably their most low-key collection of songs to date, with Victoria’s unshowy croon and Alex’s subtle riffs conferring an overall hypnotic splendor that never ceases to amaze.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.