Artist of the week: Thom Yorke

Artist of the week on Musikki – Thom Yorke

As one of the most idiosyncratic and iconic singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and bandleaders of the alternative era, Thom Yorke has already his name guaranteed in the history of rock’n’roll. It was mostly his vision that transformed Radiohead from a potential one-hit wonder in the early nineties into one of the most experimental, successful and pervasive acts of the new millennium, with a signature sound that took their progressive roots and pop sensibilities to unexplored electronic landscapes.

Though Thom Yorke had always sporadically worked outside his band with cameos on songs from artists such as Drugstore, Unkle, PJ Harvey or Bjork, it was only in 2006 that he released the first of a series of low-key electronic solo albums that focuses in articulating mid-tempo streams of intricately layered sounds (mostly machine beats and synthetic textures), that make his words act more as another sonic element rather than as the focal point of the songs.

After 2006’s The Eraser and last year’s Amok’s Atoms for Peace (which has been rightfully considered by fans and critics the second chapter of his solo career), Thom Yorke is back with Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, another somber and moody collection that is not only absolutely coherent with his extracurricular discography, but also includes some of his most eerie and alluring songs.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.