Artist of the week: Action Bronson

Artist of the week on Musikki – Action Bronson

Action Bronson is the stage and artistic name of Arian Arslani, an American hip-hop recording artist from Queens, New York, who has become in the last three years a quite unique phenomenon of popularity. One might actually consider him a fascinating walking paradox: a threatening figure with irresistible blue eyes; a pothead with extreme culinary sensibility and knowledge; a lyricist capable of both misogynist tirades and sensitive remarks; a doppelgänger of Ghostface Killah with unique and immediately recognizable turns of phrases; and, most importantly, a genuine showman who is able to throw violently to the crowd any fan who dares to climb on stage, while entertaining a spellbinding communion between him and the audience (all these paradoxes have been thoroughly documented in his successful web series Fuck, That’s Delicious!).

After releasing several mixtapes that showcased not only a skillful rapper with a tremendous ear for beats, but also someone who keeps choosing top collaborators such as Tommy Mas (2011’s Dr. Lecter), Statik Selektah (2011’s Well-Done), Party Supplies (2012’s Blue Chips and 2013’s Blue Chips 2), The Alchemist (2012’s Rare Chandeliers) and Harry Fraud (2013’s Saab Stories EP), Action Bronson has recently released his first official full-length and major debut, Mr. Wonderful, which should immediately be considered the best entry for newcomers to the work of one of the most funny, loose and audacious rappers of today. His fans might be initially taken aback by his new soul leanings, but will rapidly recognize his striking wit, tremendous punch lines and irresistible self-deprecating sense of humor.

João Pedro da Costa

João Pedro da Costa is a web studies scholar and a music fan.